Solutions for Rolling Mills

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Technology Pioneers

Discover the pioneering solutions for quality and process control for hot-rolled products. Since the Inspection should to be done in a very harsh environment in terms of temperature, speed and atmosphere, ISEND®’s quality analysis and process control solutions are built to withstand extreme conditions of over 1000°C at more than 150 m/s.


Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) for hot-wire inspection with Artificial Intelligence (AI)

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Surface defect detection rate

EDDYeyes® was launched in 2015. It has all the benefits of the HOTdiscover system and much more. Its operation is based on the integration of Eddy Currents, machine vision and artificial intelligence. It is the ultimate solution for manufacturing processes of long products. Both technologies separately present some deficiencies that are solved when integrated.

Eddy module belongs to one of the following families of ISEND®’s solutions HOTdiscover®, ROTOdiscover®, ENDiscover® and WELdiscover®. The operation mode is intuitive, accurate and practical. When a defect is detected by the EDDY system, this sends a signal to the EYES system that take an image and relate this picture to the defect detected.


Real-time mass flow measurement for hot-rolled long products in real time for process and product control

Maximum temperature

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Instant mass measurement at any point of the Rolling mill. MASSdiscover® calculates in real time the cross section of the laminated materials at different points of the rolling mill.

– Control in the most critical points
– identify millimeter variations in the point cross section of the production
– No contact with the material
– Minimum maintenance
– Measured deviation: less than 1%


Detection of surface defects in hot-rolling by Eddy Currents

Maximum Temperature Product

Maximum speed (standard)


Surface defect detection rate

HOTdiscover® is an ISEND® solution which allows the detection and analysis of defects while the material is still hot.

This solution is based on the advanced electronics of the HOTAnalyzer ® combined with an air and water-cooled mechanical system that holds the enclosed probes. The main advantage of this solution is its low maintenance cost, since the design is planned to minimize the consumption of consumables such as guide sleeves and repairing probes. In addition, the change of diameter probe is carried out in less than 1 minute.