Solutions for wire manufacturers


Defects identification

Technology Pioneers

Whether the metal is ferromagnetic or not. ROTOdiscover and ENdiscover are the solutions to identify 99% of production defects.


Detection of long surface defects for cold inspection

Maximum speed

Minimum diameter

With ROTOdiscover solution most of longitudinal defects can be detected. To its great strength and reliability must be added versatility, because there are different configurations for a wide range of needs. The ROTOdiscover® solutions of ISEND® allow inspection from 2 mm diameters with high reliability, they can be configured properly for high and low frequency. Moreover, it enables:

– Several coil configurations (2+1, 4+1)
– Lift off control
– High precision guiding
– Reduced maintenance
– Advanced testing of cold formed long products. (Longitudinal defects)
– Longitudinal defects less than 50 microns deep


Detection of point surface defects for cold inspection

Robust and repetitive

Quick-change of diameter system

With or without magnetizing

ENdiscover® encircling solutions has been designed to detect single, point and transversal defects with the highest sensibility both in magnetic and non-ferromagnetic materials. ENdiscover® solutions can also be used for material characterization using variations in its physics properties such as hardness or conductivity.

– Last generation fully digital electronics

– Robust and repetitive