Non-destructive testing (NDT) for hot-wire inspection with Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Maximum temperature

Maximun speed (standard)


Surface defect detection rate

EDDYeyes® was launched in 2015. It counts with all the benefits of the HOTdiscover system and much more. Its operation is based on the integration of Eddy Currents, Machine Vision and Artificial Intelligence. This is the ultimate solution for manufacturing processes of long products. Both technologies separately present some limitations that are solved when integrated.

Eddy module belongs to one of the following families of ISEND®’s solutions HOTdiscover®, ROTOdiscover®, ENDiscover® and WELdiscover®. The operation mode is intuitive, accurate and practical. When a defect is detected by the EDDY system, this sends a signal to the EYES system that take an image and relate this image to the defect detected.