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  • 90% of the most common defects detected
  • Line speed up to 200m/s (standard)
  • Product material up to 1.200ºC (standard)
  • Online parameters control
  • WEB access

Online testing of wire rod and hot rolled bars. Isolated and periodic defects.

For regular defects detection (about 90%) within the hot rolling process of long products, ISEND offers the HOTdiscover solutions.

HOTdiscover solutions use eddy current technology consisting of high sensitivity cooled concentric coils, allowing metal inspection at temperatures close to the melting point (up to 1200 °C) and at high speeds (up to 200 m/s).

Actually there isn't inspection speed limit, as this only affects the resolution of the solution. At the usual rolling speeds (generally less than 150 m/s), resolutions of less than a millimeter are obtained for defects detection.

HOTdiscover is presented in two versions to meet different customer needs:

  • HOTdiscover BASIC for those who want to focus on online quality control.
  • HOTdiscover PRO for those who want advanced analysis tools aimed at the production process improvement.

In all cases, HOTdiscover solutions are robust, reliable and secure as multiple ISEND clients who have acquired these solutions can confirm.  

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