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  • Highest acquisition rate
  • Last generation full digital electronic
  • Strong and repetitive
  • Fast change of diameter system
  • Available with or without magnetizing


For punctual defects detection ISEND offers ENdiscover solution. It is a complete system able to detect defects of minimum dimensions both surface and sub-surface.

ENdiscover encircling solutions has been design to detect single, punctual and transversal defects with the highest sensibility both in magnetic and non-ferromagnetic materials. For the former, it could also include different demagnetization methods adapted to any client needs.

Encircling solutions of ISEND provides a high degree of reliability in superficial quality control and can be integrated with other systems of nondestructive testing, such as ROTOdiscover for a complete detection of any kind of defect.

ENdiscover solutions can also be used for material characterization using variations in its physics properties such as hardness or conductivity.

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