Integration between technologies

Talking about quality improvement, there is a way that deserves to be explored: the integration between technologies. It isn't about integration by itself, but about integration that adds value.

EDDYEyes is the ISEND's solution that integrates eddy current testing and digital imaging.

The demands for high quality products continue to increase. NDT technologies are not new. The industry has been using several methods for decades. Ultrasonic, Eddy Current and other electromagnetic (or not) methods have been widely used in different segments. International standards define clearly the way they can be used in terms of type of defects, morphology, depth, etc. But it is not enough anymore.

The customers demand more and more quality but they are demanding more and more information as well. And not any kind of information, of course, but useful information, information that becomes knowledge. Statistics about defects are therefore not enough. The customers want much more. They need automatic inspection, but they also want knowledge that goes machine to machine. Knowledge that goes beyond the limits of each single method. Knowledge that adds value. And EDDYEyes is the product of our latest and proven research.

EDDYEyes is an inspection system that includes a sophisticated Eddy Current (ET), equipment which can be adapted to every particular client, and an artificial vision system that can take pictures of real products during the production processes. Once a defect is detected by ET, the system will take, show and store a picture that can be used to make the best decision in real time and to exploit the information further. The system also takes pictures of critical areas of the material even when defects are not be detected by the ET. With a complete set of components and software, the system can detect every kind of defects. It’s a terrific improvement because difficult areas to inspect, like long defects in hot rolling wire rod and bar inspection or edge areas (noses and tails) that are outside the ET capabilities, are now possible.

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