EDDYeyes, going to ZERO defects

So far, ZERO defects were a utopia. Now it’s a trending topic. Going to ZERO is an exciting trip.

The isend EDDYeyes’s solution has become the solution of all Rolling mills to assure high quality production, because for the first time, it’s possible to head to ZERO defects with an integrated solution.
EDDYeyes combines eddy current testing (ET) given by the HOTdiscover system that detect defects online up to 120m/s at 1200ºC, and digital imaging with the EDDYeyes Vision system that will take images in real time of the defects detected by the ET system and associates and stores it with the signal for a real time or further analysis. Once the defect and its typology are known, the challenge is to characterize them and establish the relation to the cause that produces them so that corrective actions can be implemented in the process to avoid future occurrences.
EDDYeyes opens the door to faster decisions with an accurate and intuitive way to analyze rolling mill defects.

Thus, for the first time, 100% of defects types are detectable and “ZERO defects” is closer than ever. Thanks to this, rolling mills can supply higher quality wire rod. This last generation equipment can report every type of defect including information such as exact position, shape and depth (map of defects).
EDDYeyes is ready for the industry 4.0 and can be integrated in rolling mills with a huge set of integration capabilities. A complete set of production parameters can be attached to the map of defects with new and productive ways to take advantage of almost every coil to be delivered. So, the map of defects can easily be extended to a full map of the coil.

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