Eddy current testing equipment

HOTAnalyzer PRO

The highest eddy current unit from the performance point of view is the HOTAnalyzer PRO. This electronics is specially designed for high speed production lines such as rolling mills and advanced testing. This electronic has a high acquisition rate as well as electronic components to take advantage of the PRO software versions.

This equipment is suitable for hot rolling mills with the HOTdiscover PRO software such as wire rod producers.



Belonging to the HOTdiscover solutions, HOTAnalyzer BASIC differs from the PRO versión in a smaller resolution and that it isn't designed to work with the PRO Software. Electronics supply a good adquisition rates for not high demanding environments.

This eddy current testing equipment is suitable for basic testing in hot rolling mills without the need of advanced analysis tools that are grouped in PRO software such us hot rolled bars producers.


FOCAnalyzer PRO

The name FOCAnalyzer comes from the contraction between FOUCAULT CURRENTS and it's the core equipment. Once again, the main difference with BASIC models is the electronic that is designed for working with the PRO versión of software.

FOCAnalyzer PRO is suitable for high performance testing of wire, bars and tubes during cold forming processes and it supports multichannel testing.

This unit can be labeled in three ways:

  • FOCAnalyzer PRO - EN: For encircling testing of long products .
  • FOCAnalyzer PRO - WEL - For seam testing of welded tubes.
  • FOCAnalyzer PRO - MAT - For high performance sorting of metals.


It is the most used eddy current equipment that ISEND supplies. It's a strong unit that can be used in combination with encircling and segment coils. This unit has to be installed with FOCAnalyzer software and supports multichannel testing. For most of the cold testing applications is the best solution in terms of balance between price and performance.



This unit is designed to be used with rotating probes. It supports multichannel in both differential (defects) and absolute (gap compensation) modes. The ROTAnalyzer shows the main information in two different views: impendance plane and polar view.



This compact electronic unit includes in the same box all the elements needed to process and show the testing information. It includes a touch screen, internal PC, storage and communication ports. It supports multichannel and can be configured in differential mode for defect detection and absolute mode for sorting. The COMPAnalyzer eddy current equipment is intended for encircling coils, segment coils and pencil probes as well as for special shape coils. The selection of COMPAnalyzer or FOCAnalyzer will depends on several factors, but one of the most important is the available space and control location.



This eddy current equipment is the smallest for online testing. It's usually intendend for very single applications including long products testing, automatic inspections and robotic systems. In the same box a small touch screen, pannel PC and storage share the space with the eddy current hardare. MINIAnalyzer is cheaper than the other units, and for many applications is a good starting technology.


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