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Hot rolling mills for long products need more and more quality control in order to deliver the right product to the right customer. But it isn't on ly a question of statistics, it's mainly a question of corporate culture and quality focus. Quality control for hot rolled products has to be done in a very harsh environment in terms of temperature, speed and environment.

HOTdiscover is an isend ® solution which allows the detection and analysis of defects while the material is still hot. This solution is based on the advanced electronics of the HOTAnalyzer combined with an air and water-cooled mechanical system that holds the enclosed probes, the main advantage of this solution is its low maintenance cost, since the design is intended to minimize the consumption of consumables such as guiding sleeves and repairing probes.

The solution incorporates the ultimate software tools  and applications such as defect analysis systems and preventive utilities. Also available as an add-on is a system that inspects the functioning of both probes, as well as the entire system, anticipating failures and minimizing downtime.

HOTdiscover includes functionalities to detect defects online, broken rolls or other periodic defects, noses and tails analysis and a bit set of advanced analysis tools.

Another feature of this solution is the mechanical system design that allows the replacement of parts such as the probes or guided sleeves in a minimal amount of time, thus allowing the system to adapt the production to the required diameter reducing the system downtime. HOTdiscover allows the detection of defects in the material while it’s still hot at high production rates with minimal downtime to fit the required diameter.

    • HOTdiscover BASIC
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  • EDDYEyes

    • HOTdiscover BASIC (alarmas)
    • HOTdiscover PRO (alarmas y análisis)
    • EDDYEyes (alarmas, análisis e imagen)

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