Ladies and Gentlemen, customers, agents, employees, partners and associates:

We are pleased to write this letter in honour of our commitment to the ISEND project and the further advancement of the development of robust industrial quality control solutions based on non-destructive testing methods to help customers control their entire production line. 

In 2006, two successful advanced engineers with lengthy careers, Carlos Rodríguez and José Bernárdez, decided to embark on the adventure of creating an innovative high-tech company that would provide new industry solutions for quality control on a global level by employing non-destructive testing techniques focusing always on the needs of the end user, and to its employees and agents on provide them the best company to work for.


Once the ISEND was founded and the Board of Directors created, ISEND expanded with the addition of partners who provided the experience, vision, funding and faith in the project needed to contribute to its consolidation.

Project development was divided in to three phases which in turn lead ISEND to be in the best position to provide the market with useful and reliable products.

  • The priority of the first phase was to develop solutions based on the physical phenomenon of eddy currents (Foucault), with an emphasis in incorporating the latest technology, both mechanical and electronic.
  • During the second phase, the solutions were implemented for clients, who from the first moment, believed in the vision and capability of ISEND. This in turn boosted and consolidated ISEND’s approach of providing solutions focused on the end user.
  • The third phase of project development was devoted to bringing together the best ISEND team, including both our employees and our agents, which in turn the way for sustainable and global growth.


Today we can say that ISEND is one of the companies with greater future prospects and vision, thanks to the three pillars that constitute its core values: solutions, customers and the people who make it possible. Because of this we have launched a new phase of global expansion.

We are proud to renew our commitment to the ISEND project, dedicating our efforts to provide the customers with the most advanced technology, at the same time consolidating the company, the reliability of our solutions and our excellent level of service.

We greatly appreciate our customers, agents and employees for their permanent contribution and effort which has made this catalog of solutions possible. We are honoured to present this catalogue to you. With kind regards,

Carlos & Jose, ISEND’s Board of Management.

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