Coil holders

ISEND has designed powerful coil holders for its solutions. All of them consider productivity as one of the main key factors in terms of fast change and easy to use. Coil holders are key to place the coils at the right position over the surface to keep distance and maximize sensitiveness. Magnetizing yokes are used for ferromagnetic materials testing with encircling coils. Standard bases are suitable for non ferromagnetic materials. Cooled bases are used for hot testing. Segment units are suitable for testing seam on welded tubes, rotating heads are the mechanical coil holder for rotating sistems, and there are also a wide range of automatic devices for parts testing.

isend® has a wide range of systems for different applications depending on the product to be controlled. They allow probes to be mounted on the actual production line for quality control by means of Eddy current units. There are different types of systems both for ferromagnetic materials with magnetizing, as well as without magnetizing for non-ferromagnetic materials.

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