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The system will test suspension components of high quality steels. It includes a rotating system from ROTOdiscover family, Encircling coils, from ENdiscover family, and all the mechanical elements including bars loading system and sorting output system. Everything is completely integrated to assure the best conditions for NDT.  The system is designed to place the probes over the surface at the right position, in order to detect very small defects.


Our customer is the largest producer of suspension components for light commercial vehicles in the world and has decided ISEND after a period of benchmarking and negotiation.



The current economic environment is making pressure to the customers to move to new segments of business where high quality and reliable testing make the difference. Our customer is one of the companies that are driving this tendence and ISEND is understanding these movements and continues developing the best industrial solutions. However, we can’t cover the whole market without your help.


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